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About Us


Juice Medic was founded by Sophia Grant who has been an avid juicer for many years.  After being diagnosed with Endometriosis she discovered juicing and felt the positive benefits of consuming a fresh, plant based diet.

Realising the increase in health conscious consumers but the lack of time that many have to prepare, Juice Medic was launched as an easy and quick way to incorporate more plant based nutrition into busy lives.

Consuming fresh plant based juices is a great way to consume vital vitamins, minerals and enzymes our bodies need for optimal health. Cold pressed juices maintain all the nutrients which is easily absorb into our bodies allowing the immune system to strengthen, control inflammation and repair any damaged cells.

Juice Medic provides nutritionally crafted plant based beverages. ​ All our drinks are delicious, yet preservative and refined sugar free with healthy functional ingredients.  



​Reboot . Detox . Heal . Glow